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College Radio

College Radio

Younify is a campus radio network and podcast platform which connects students and faculty among a campus and to other campuses. Younify availed its services to our colleges for starting our campus radio from April 2020. Our campus radio was inaugurated on 11 June 2020 and there is a total of 70 students and 7 faculty members.

SNoName DepartmentDesignation
1Mr M Krishna Chaitanya, Asst ProfessorECECoordinator
2Ms V Sri Lakshmi Vani, Asst ProfessorEEECo-coordinator
3Ms B Pravalika, Assistant ProfessorCSEMember
4Dr G Bremiga, Assistant ProfessorECEMember
5Mr T Vinay Kumar, Assistant ProfessorEEEMember
6MsSaleha Farha, Assistant ProfessorITMember
7Ms B Prasanna, Assistant ProfessorMngtMember

(1) Radio jockey:Chooses among the creative topics and do their groundwork regarding concept, collect the proper information, create a draft and put up the matter into audios.

(2) Creative teambrainstorms for unique ideas and make a show attractive and catchy. They come up with their best ideas for shows, publicity and designing.

(3) Scheduling team: They team schedules the shows i.e., which show is to be telecasted on which day and grab more listeners.

(4) Drafting team provides the graphics team with the catchy content for the posters.

(5) Technical team handles the server availed by the younify team.

(6) Graphic designing team prepares the posters for the shows, eye catchy posters of shows and also videos for special shows.

(7) E-publicity team handles the official social media handles.

(8) Audio Editing team: receive the audio recordings from the RJ team and edit them accordingly. They play a major role in formatting the audios and making them disturbance and error free. These people are responsible for adding proper and melodious songs in between the show recordings and background music suitable to the shows

The coordinator is also expected to communicate to all other students the good work done by the institution and their students from time to time. In this process, the coordinator is expected to perform the following functions:

a) Publicise one positive story/event by their institution (by the institution/teachers/students) every week using the social media.

b) Retweet the positive stories by other HEls so that their students and stakeholders can learn from the success stories of other institutions.

Schedule to meet: Third Saturday of every month at 15:45 hrs onwards, Principal’s Office.
1) Agenda is to be prepared ahead of the meeting and sent to Principal and all members
2) Attendance to be obtained in the Committee Register.
3) Minutes of the Meeting to be noted and circulated to all members, HODs, HOFs and Principal.
4) Filing: Minutes copy to be pasted/filed in the committee register.
5) At the end of semester, report should be submitted to Principal