Academic Council

Academic Council

SNoMembers of the CommitteeDesignation
1Dr. J Madhavan, Principal Coordinator
2Mr. M Vinod, Associate Professor and Head-A&E Section Member
3Mr. N Satyanandam, Associate Professor and HOD–CSE Member
4Ms B Jyothsna, Associate Professor and HOD-ECE Member
5Ms. R Manju Bhargavi, Associate Professor and HOD-EEE Member
6Dr. C Murugamani, Associate Professor, HOD-IT Member
7Ms. Anagha Deshpande, Associate Professor and HOF-GE Member
8Ms. K Padma, Associate Professor and HOF–Mathematics Member
9Ms. G VijayaLaxmi, Assistant Professor and HOF-Physics Member
10Ms. K Sandhya, Assistant Professor and HOF-Chemistry Member
11Ms. J Sujatha, Assistant Professor and HOF–English Member
12Ms. V Dhanalaxmi, Assistant Professor and HOF-Management Member

Academic Council has been formed with Principal, HODs, HOFs and Head-A&E Section to execute the following functions:

Functions of the committee:

Principal will conduct the meetings on various academic issues and obtain the members recommendations to take necessary action whenever an issue (like attendance shortage, study leave, disciplinary action, etc.) arises. Any decision taken is the Committee’s decision, but not Principal’s alone.

Schedule to meet: First Saturday of every month at 15:45 hrs onwards, Principal’s Office

  • Agenda is to be prepared ahead of the meeting and sent to all members.
  • Attendance to be obtained in the Committee Register.
  • Minutes of the Meeting to be noted and circulated to all members for attestation.
  • Minutes to be pasted/filed in the committee register.