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HoF, Departmnt of Mathematics

Suresh Thota, completed his M.Sc (Pure Mathematics) from Kakatiya University, Warangal with Distinction in 2006.He also completed his B.Ed. from Kakatiya University.

He joined BRECW in 2010 as an Assistant Professor

He got ratified as Assistant Professor in 2016.

Presently he is the Head of Faculty of Mathematics, designated as Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

He has an experience of 14 years in teaching undergraduate subjects of Engineering Mathematics mainly Mathematics-I, Mathematics-II, Mathematics-III, Mathematics-IV, Mathematical Methods, Probability & Statistics, LTNM&CV and COSM

  • The department of Mathematics caters to the needs of the students for higher studies and career opportunities
  • The faculty of Mathematics aims at making the roots of basic concepts fix firmly in students.
  • The faculty of Mathematics equip the students with tools of mathematical concepts which will be handy in learning engineering subjects.

The Mathematics department serves the purpose of imparting knowledge in the core science subject, which is a foundational building block for most engineering disciplines.

A team of extremely capable faculty members keep the department running efficiently.

The objectives of the department are as follows:

To develop organizational skills, core competence and ethics in first year engineering students, to grow as true professionals for achieving success in life.

To apply various mathematical methods to improve understanding of theoretical concepts.

Suresh Thota
HoF of Mathematics